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Why Web Design Should Be Responsive ?

Let us begin with a simple question, “Which device you are using to browse through your favorite websites?” Perhaps a desktop at your work table, or laptop in your home or a smart phone while travelling! Whatever is the device, if you are able to read the contents clearly with texts and images cleanly arranged, well, you are going through a web page that has responsive design.

So, why should your business website be responsive? Definitely a good question that needs a detailed response. As a leading website design & development company in Pimpari Chinchwad, Pune, we would love to provide umpteen reasons for the need of a responsive design. We have picked up few top compelling reasons which would make you call your web designer the next moment to make your site responsive!

Wait, but what is a responsive design?

A responsive design permits the change in layout of site in accordance with the size of device by changing the column width. While a wide screen display has contents in multiple couples, the same gets reduced to a single column text with links and images at appropriate place and size.


  • It’s era of smart phones:


Somewhere in the beginning of this year, the usage of internet originating from smart phones superseded the elder brother – desktops. So, what is the big deal and any website would still be visible in a hand held device. Fair enough, it would just be visible but definitely not clearly readable, warns a leading web design agency in Pune. Even few years back, not many web designers envisaged the growth of smart phones and hence the frame size of your web pages was designed for desktops and hence was more or less static. But with the advent of smart technologies, the scenario got completely reversed and more visitors started using their hand held devices to browse web sites. The result was pretty bad for websites that were neither responsive nor mobile dedicated -

  • botched up screens
  • Utterly confusing navigability
  • Uneven consistency in information layout

Needless to say, the risk of person leaving the site is abnormally high.


  • One site – all devices:


We can hear your option for maintaining several sites to suit all devices. Well, technically it is absolutely possible, but what about maintaining the information consistency. It is highly a tiring job to keep all sites updated to suit the device size. With responsive device, only one site needs to be maintained and the rest is automatically taken care.


  • Enhance search engine ranking:


Let us share a secret – Google loves responsive web design and this was evident by the manner in which it was rewarding those websites that were responsively designed to render multi device support. But what does Google has to do with your business website? A recent research study says that the majority of traffic driven to business sites for shopping, information sharing and transactions are through search engines and Google is the undisputed leader of search engines. Should we say more?


  • Future ready:


With responsive design for your website, you can relax for any technological future shock that can create ripples in the display sizes of devices. With excellent scalabilities, your responsive website would always be ready to provide the best viewing experience for your elite visitors.


  • Inevitable social media:


Websites have become excellent marketing tool and it has new shot in the arm through social media. Yes, marketing through social media is on rage and more than half of visitors are using smart phone for their social media consumption. Hence if you have a social media strategy as a part of your marketing campaign, undoubtedly the best way to leverage your content would be through responsive designs.

If you are looking out for best opportunities for business growth through online digital forum, it is high time to switch over to a responsive website design. Being a renowned firm for website design in Pimpari Chinchwad, we are eager to extend our helping hand to make your marketing campaign wider. Just contact us and be rest assured.


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