What is mobile-friendly website? Why it is necessary?

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What is mobile-friendly website? Why it is necessary?

Believe us, the day your users ask this inevitable question “Why is your website not mobile friendly?” is not very far. Although we can provide you with umpteen reasons with focus on technical and business grounds, one thing that can drive the nail straightaway is that more users are now browsing your site through smart phones than last year. Infact, very little time is left to make your website mobile friendly for those users who would be seeing your site for the first time through smart phones.

We can still see your unconvinced look! Well, being a leading website design company in Pimpari Chinchwad, what can be a better opportunity for us other than now to present you with several irrefutable facts that are sure to prompt you to make your website mobile friendly. By the way, what is mobile friendly website? Doesn’t any website open in a smart phone? A valid question that needs to be answered in detail. Let’s have a technology drive right away.

What is mobile friendly website?

Nine out of ten times, your present website that was designed keeping in mind about desktop size, would not display correctly on hand held devices such as smart phones, iPhones or tablets, opines a leading web development company in Pimpari Chinchwad. Moreover, your web pages may bloat in smart phones, present difficulty in navigations and contain lot of flash components which makes them difficult to load. Ofcourse it is not a life threatening problem, but it has huge potential to make your website get completely lost in this crowded business world, as users easily shun website that do not load fast or facilitate easy reading and navigation.

It’s time now to see few compelling reasons.

  1. Smartphones overcome desktops: More than 50% of online users are accessing and purchasing their merchandise through smart phones. This is not just an assumed figure, but an authentic data released by Google. Should we say more?


  1. It is the need of hour: In many countries, including India, the number of smartphones has easily surpassed the number of personal computers. In fact, smartphones are now integral part of everybody’s day to day life and what more can be a better reason for a website to be made mobile friendly and enjoy the fruits of online presence.


  1. Boosts local business: Let’s present a fact, which becomes more interesting if your business is focused on local markets.


    1. More than 50% of the consumers who did a market survey about a local store through smart phone, visited the store in a day. On the other hand, the number stood at 34% of consumers who did the same survey through desktop.
    2. Secondly, it was found that the conversion rate of leads generated by smart phones into successful business transaction was double in local searches when compared with non local searches. That’s definitely a roaring jump!


  1. Boosts conversion rates: A mobile friendly site does not necessitate the pinch and zoom technique for browsing your website and this makes all the difference. Several e-commerce sites have witnessed surge in their revenue graph without really doing much except for upgrading their website to be mobile friendly.


  1. Consumers expect it: Consumers are king in the business and their wish list needs to be fulfilled without further questions. Especially, when they are no more sitting in front of desktops but browsing through their handheld devices and accessing your website. If you still don’t give what your consumer needs such as easy navigability and browsing experience, they are sure to knock the doors of your competitors.


Well, by now you should have taken a wise decision of making your website mobile friendly. It is definitely not possible to make your pages display correctly in a mobile phone by adjusting the frame size. It needs a professional approach and not a stop gap arrangement, says the most sought after website design firm in Wakad. Drop in or call us to discuss the possibility of making the most economical yet aesthetically powerful mobile friendly website and reap rich profits.

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