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Things you need to know about building websites

There can’t be any second thoughts on the necessity of an online digital presence to uplift your business growth potential. As a first step towards making an online presence of your business entity, it is very much essential to build a website that not only showcases your product or service portfolio, but also to adhere several basic necessities and functionalities that act as catalyst to attract the attention of visitors and thereby pave way for business growth. As one of the leading provider of web design services in Pimpari Chinchwad, Pune, we know the art of web designing like back of our hand and we are eager to enlighten you with the five golden essentialities that need to be given serious thought before building your website. Here we go:

  1. Strategy and Planning:

The first and foremost step is always the toughest one and those who surpass the inertia that comes along with it always move in the right direction. Akin to most of the design process, it is very much necessary to strategize your action plan for business promotion through website. Remember, gone are the days of website acting merely as your online showcase of portfolio; websites can be put into immense use to extend your marketing reach.

  • Identify core values of your business – lack of clarity in this aspect would send wrong messages to your customers.
  • Identify the target customers – As said earlier, websites are great marketing tool and hence they can be put into best of use to focus a targeted group of audience or visitors.
  • What do your customers expect – Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and contemplate what you would expect from a business website. Also it would be a smart move to visualize from a customer’s perspectives on the messages you would like to impregnate as they move from page to page.



  • Flowcharts:


Having decided what to have in your website, it is time now to frame them as flow charts. Remember, while visually imagining how your website should pan out is definitely a good idea, putting down the same immediately in a paper would present an opportunity to evaluate its viability. Start with main categories in your top level menu and spread out the wings to include each section under them. Again, it is very much crucial to think from a customer’s perspective so as to render best user experience. So, go for unique objective in each page and believe us, it is one of the basic necessities to engage customers.


  • Contents:


The general rule in the web industry – ‘Content is King’, needs to be religiously followed not only to present unique and relevant information to your clients but also to make them retained in your page.  Moreover, unique and relevant contents are very much adored by search engines, which have the potential to make your website standout in the crowded market. As websites are classified under visual medium, make your contents lavishly filled with infographics, images, or even videos as far as possible. It should be borne in mind that a well made video spanning ten seconds can deliver more than a thousand worded text!

  1. Designing:

As the best website development company in Pimpari Chinchwad, we can confidently say that website designing is quite simple and all you need is the aptitude to execute and unlimited imagination. The main parameters that should govern your user interface and designing principles are

  • Functionality – ecommerce, membership campaigns, or feedbacks whatever is the desired goal.
  • Visual appeal – clean and neat pages with minimal loading time
  • Navigability – smoothly cruising without creating confusion in the minds of visitors.

If you are a beginner, our sincere advice would be to design your website with the help of WordPress, an easy and simple tool to create from the scratch.



  • Testing


Finally, don’t assume all things would be in perfect shape; debug, test, and refine your designs and layouts as long as you need so as to create best impression and performance. Again it would not be a bad idea to get your website tested by selected individuals to know the first hand user experience and identify the areas that needs to be improved upon.

Well, by now you would have had a fair grasp of what and how to build your website. Also you can always approach Moustache, the most sought after website design company in Pimpari Chinchwad to guide you and infuse fresh ideas to your site.

Moustache Web Design is considered to be one of the best web design firms in Pune having the expertise and skills to build a large database for delivering optimal web designing solutions to your clients.
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