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Classic Landing Page Mistakes You’re Probably Still Making

Wow, you have attracted a good number of your visitors and made them arrive at your landing page. Then, why that is your landing page conversion rate is very less? Perhaps, it could be the bad design of your landing page that makes your potential customer driving away from your site. Not all landing pages have happy endings and one small mistake in landing page design is sufficient to make you lose money and propel the growth of your competitor.

Being a reputed website design company in Pimpri -Chinchwad, we always educate our clients on necessity of a flaw free landing page to achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at those landing page mistakes due to which businesses are being lost.


  • Large file size


The average time spent on your landing page is not more than 5 seconds and if your page along with images does not get fully visible by then, you can consider yourself very lucky if the conversion does happen. Most of the times, the culprit is uncompressed image. Compress it right away.


  • Chaotic CTA options


Call to action (CTA) is your best bet to retain the attention in your landing page. But that does not mean your visitor should get confused to choose the appropriate CTA. The landing page has only one objective and hence try to incorporate only the relevant CTA button to accomplish further viewing.


  • Too much of text


A common mistake in a landing page – it is full of text describing the product and service. No viewer is interested to read the complete text, which may take more than a minute to complete. The need of the hour is few crisp words or lines and a CTA button. Nothing more or nothing less!


  • Lack of an appealing image


Landing page devoid of an image is a blunder. Often, a simple image can communicate more than what a thousand word article can do. That being said, ignore the temptation of a stock photo and go for a realistic and appealing shot of your product.


  • Searching for CTA


A landing page loaded with images, texts and a CTA button inserted anywhere in the layout is a good recipe for total failure. The visitor should never be in ambiguity to do ‘What next’? The solution is very simple – CTA button in the landing page should stand apart and invite the visitor to click.


  • Lack of social testimonials


Invariably most of the visitors are anonymous to your site and hence would love to hear true stories to gain confidence on you. Social testimonials with real names and pictures would go a long way in establishing the authenticity of the claims of your product.


  • Seeking too much info


Take it from us – no user would like to give additional info if it is not necessary. Just for subscribing your newsletter, there is no point in asking their mobile number or address. Ask for minimal information to make the decision.


  • Poor typography


True, images speak a lot; but that does not mean that your text size and font selection needs least of attention. Bold characters with proper sizing invite eyeballs and force your visitor to take immediate action.


  • Presence of navigation


There are no second thoughts on the necessity of excellent navigation in your webpage layout. But there are exceptions and your landing page is one of them. Your landing page should not have any sort of navigation to retain the visitor’s interest.


  • Too many links


It is good to have choices but this simple logic does not work in your landing page. A landing page loaded with tons of links to click would not only confuse your visitor, but also divert the attention to unwanted quarters.

Well, in short, try to redesign your landing page with the following guidelines to attain the best conversion rate:

  • Avoid unnecessary visual distractions
  • Insert appealing CTA button
  • Build trust
  • Make it simple but elegant

If you aren’t impressed with the current conversion rates of your landing page, you can always contact Moustache Web Design the most sought after web development company in Pune and be rest assured.

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