Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or RWD is an approach that is a user interface design policy and is independent of any device. At Moutache web design we aim at developing and delivering optimized website experiences in devices like PC, tablet smart phone, etc which use different width and different resolutions. Our web designers use this technology to code your website’s style sheets. We enable optimal viewing experience, easy navigation and easy reading with a minimum of panning, scrolling and resizing. Thus the layout of style sheets magically adjusts itself in such a manner that it fits the width of browser in which it is viewed.

Our Responsive Web Designing Features

We have a qualified team of web designer who have all the tools and technology to make the accessibility of your website easy for the users and also update the websites optimally. The features of our RWD include:

  • 4 Corners Design
    We design your products future proof and the designing is not only for a specific dimension of the device’s screen but also for the four corners of the device screen.
  • Support of Cross Browser
  • The products are designed to work with different types of browsers including Window Phone 7, Chrome, Firefox, Android, etc.
  • Works on any Device
    Our web design is not device specific and no matter what device your users have we ensure that they will have a great experience.
  • Performance : We understand that most of the mobile users cannot handle huge website assets and hence our responsive web designs are developed keeping performance in mind.
  • Fluid Width
  • Flexible Grid Based Layouts using resizing, media and flexible images
    The grid is based on fluid percentages and hence there is no to worry about the new device’s screen size breaking your website and remains future proof.
  • Product Design Real People
    Many times a website doesn’t always meet the basic needs of a user. Our products are mainly designed to solve problems and issues for real people.

We incorporate these features not only in your new web design scheme but also in your existing website by modifying it and making it more responsive.

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