10 – Key Landing Page Features That Draw in Prospects

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10 – Key Landing Page Features That Draw in Prospects

What is so special about the landing page that each and every web development company in Pimpri-Chinchwad places a hero image to it? Well, it is not without reason. A landing page has the true potential to make or break your business. Plethora of rules and policies govern the design of this vital page. Be it wise use of white space, brilliant colors, concise headers, or catchy points with bullets, each and every feature that goes towards the making of landing page assumes significance. Moustache, a reputed web designing company in Pimpri-Chinchwad, throws light on 10 key landing page features that draw in prospects. Let us dive straight away into them.  


  • Sync headline and Adcopy


It should not be forgotten that the very reason behind the visitors approaching your website via landing page is due to the catchy phrases and descriptions of your ads. And make sure that the heading syncs perfectly with ads. Remember, your Adwords score depends on the content present in both landing page and ad messages and hence do not deviate.


  • Language quality


Once, the visitor has landed at your page, it is not only the relevance of contents or infographics that retains their attention – language quality also matters. Having achieved the targeted audience, convey your content through compelling and inspirational language quality to attract their attention. Needless to say, make sure your contents are without grammatical slips or typos.


  • Headers and sub-headers


Having landed at the desired page, can you guess where the eyes of your targeted audience would fall upon? No prizes for guessing it correctly – headers and sub-headers. Ensure these headers are not vague but have full relevance to the specific aspects of your contents and see your bounce rates come down.


  • Make it interactive


Do you love dull pages? Nor do your visitors! Today’s savvy web users demand not only the information but also a rewarding experience that engages their interests. And what can be a better way other than interactive elements such as call to action buttons in landing pages that infuse the visitors with enthusiasm to participate.


  • Make it trust worthy


Sure, your business ethics, values, product qualities, and policies are impeccable and beyond any doubt. But how do you convey it elegantly to your new visitors? Present them in your landing page with testimonials, trust seals, third party accreditations, press and customer reviews and whatever that can contribute towards the built up of your trust worthiness.

  • Let images speak

Believe us, a crystal clear image that depicts the essence of the message can easily garner more attention than a ream of texts. A strong visual with a caption and brief write up would be more effective than a full page description. Ofcourse, the trick lies in selecting the best visual image that not only is attractive but also correlates with the content.

  • Location matters

No doubt, all the salient aspects that you are sure of swinging the attention of your visitors’ attention should be in the landing page. Of all those aspects, choose the most important ones such as images, headers, captions, and call to action buttons at the appropriate place of the landing page to gain instantaneous attention. In other words, do not make your audience to scroll the webpage to search for them.

  • Don’t complicate

While attempting to put all the relevant info in the landing page, do not cramp the space. Many a times, a simple landing page with a call to action button superimposed on a riveting picture would do the essential need – grab the eye balls. In a nutshell, don’t overdo.

  • Converge your content

Never assume that the visitors to know everything about you. They have just clicked your ad to explore your product better. Hence straightaway present them with concise info about your product and services without hovering much.

  • Add video

Appropriate videos can take your landing page to next level and it does not cost much to have a slick video with top-notch production skills.

Every web development company in Pimpri -Chinchwad would accept that one of the smart moves to achieve best revenue per transaction is through incorporation of the above-mentioned ten key aspects in the landing pages. As a renowned web designing company in Baner road, Pune we have brought in remarkable conversion rates through brilliant landing pages.  


Moustache Web Design is considered to be one of the best web design firms in Pune having the expertise and skills to build a large database for delivering optimal web designing solutions to your clients.
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